Isn’t this a Festival? Why do I have to buy a ticket?

We decided to create tickets for this event to give guests the best experience possible! We've all experienced overcrowded events and they're no fun. Selling tickets helps us manage the number of people in the event at one time, offering different perks at different levels and making sure we are prepared for you the day of!

What do I get for my ticket price?

The 2020 Fest has a range of ticket prices that include different things. This way you can choose how much to spend on the front end. Every ticket gets you into the event for your 2 hour time slot, an official event mug, your first full-sized donut included, coffee samples, a box for all your treats, and more! At the event, you will have the opportunity to interact with several exclusive experiences including photo stations, games, contests, deals and surprises from our vendors.

Why don't I get a bunch of free donuts, isn't this a food festival? 

We get it, there are tons of events out there where you can get lots of samples for the same ticket price, and we think those events are great. We have even been a part of planning some of them around town! And there is a time and place for those. This event was created to highlight the culinary talent of our donut partners and give you a memorable experience. At Columbus Donut Fest, you'll be able to try exclusive and new treats that are made to the high standard of our makers, they won't be chopped up in little pieces or sitting out all day. This allows our vendors to pull out all the stops for you and treat you to something exceptional.

Will you add more tickets?

If all tickets sell out, it is possible we will add additional time/tickets to the event. This will be announced in advance so all ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase!

I bought a ticket, but lost the confirmation e-mail, how do I get another copy?

Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't see it come into your main inbox! If you lost your tickets - head over to this page and select "Contact the Event Organizer" at the bottom of the page.

I bought a ticket, when do I get to come into the event?

Every ticket type ends with a time frame, that is your time slot and the time that your ticket gets you into the event. The earlier time listed is when you will be able to check in and you will be able to check in any time during that time frame. You will need to exit the event at the end of the time frame.

Due to capacity restrictions at the venue, we will not be able to transfer any tickets or allow guests to switch their time slot the day of the event.

What will food cost inside the event?

Each vendor will be creating a unique and exclusive treat for the event and prices for items.

Is this event all ages? Do kids need tickets?

This event is for everyone! Donut lovers of all ages are welcome.

Kids under the age of 5 are free with the admission of an adult on a 1-1 basis. No strollers will be allowed into the event and guests accompanying children should plan accordingly.

Due to capacity registrations, a limited number of kids tickets will be available to purchase for $7. Adults are limited to purchase up to 2 children's tickets with an adult ticket, adults must accompany children at all times. Guests 13 years or older are expected to have their own event tickets.

What can I bring into the event?

Small bags, coats, umbrellas, cameras and good vibes will be permitted into the event. We will have a coat check for you to leave your coats at the door.

Please note, due to our security needs strollers and large bags (anything over 16x16x8) will not be allowed into the event.

Are tickets refundable or exchangeable?

Refund requests will be offered until January 5th, 2020 after which tickets buyers may trade or sell tickets on their own accord. The Columbus Donut Fest team does not condone tickets to the event to be sold for anything above their face value.

Ticket types can not be changed by our team once purchased if you would like to switch your ticket type, please request a refund for the tickets purchased and purchase the new ticket type here. For capacity reasons, tickets quantities not guaranteed and we encourage you to purchase the new tickets and request the refund at the same time.

Ticket purchases are limited to 4 per person to allow the opportunity for equal opportunity ticket buying by interested guests.

What is the accessibility like at the venue?

Strongwater is accessible to everyone, and those with wheelchairs and walkers should have an easy time navigating the space as it is one level. There is a ramp to enter the on the west side of the building.

What should I do if I have questions about my ticket or the event?

Just hit up our contact form!